Children's Club Vatra Dornei

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The children’s palaces and clubs are the main institutions of nonformal education, which are part of the preuniversity educational system in Romania.
            Children’s Club from Vatra Dornei was founded in September 1958, and till 1989 its name was “Pioneers’ House”. Between 1958 and 1989 in this institution there took place, as today, some extracurricular activities, but the difference was that their purposes, objectives and finalities were in accordance to the communist system which led Romania in that period.
            Nowadays, the instructive activities at Children’s Club Vatra Dornei take into account the European context of education in the contemporary society. They are correlated with educationla policy and strategies, national and also regional in the domain, according to European standards. This kind of education is very important for pupils, so that they can have the basic abilities they ned in their own development, social inclusions and insertion on the working market.
            The main purpose of the activity is to offer a positive alternative for pupils’ spare time. In these range of activities children under school age and children from all the educational forms before university, with no discrimination (religious, social affiliation or national affiliation) take part. They are selected function of their abilities, their own preferences and/or the recommandations of parents and teachers.
            We have 13 range of activities, with cultural profile, artistic, sports and technical. Nonformal activities are held by teachers with a lot of experience in their field of activity and on different teaching levels.